Hill, Matveyenko Win Outstanding Educator Awards

Rochester Community and Technical College is proud to announce two Outstanding Educators for 2023. Chemistry Instructor Teri Hill, Ph.D., has been selected to receive the College’s Outstanding Educator Award, and biology instructor MaryAnn Matveyenko, Ph.D., has been selected to receive the Outstanding Adjunct Educator Award. Instructors were nominated by faculty, students, and staff.

Dr. Teri Hill has taught chemistry at 皇冠hg2020手机app下载 since 1997. “Dr. Hill is a dedicated instructor who is committed to student success,” states 皇冠hg2020手机app下载 Dean of Health Sciences Jason Jadin. “She designs courses that incorporate multiple ways for students to learn chemistry and promotes equity and inclusion throughout her teaching.”

A student nominating Dr. Hill adds “I have greatly appreciated how dedicated she is to helping her students succeed as much as possible by being available, reminders of resources to help, and how much detail goes into her content. She is always challenging her students to be successful.”

Dr. MaryAnn Matveyenko has been an adjunct instructor in 皇冠hg2020手机app下载’s biology department since 2018 and received many student nominations for her excellence in teaching. 皇冠hg2020手机app下载 Dean of Health Sciences, Jason Jadin noted, “Qualities of an outstanding educator include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy, and patience. Dr. Matveyenko excels in these areas. She works with students to ensure they learn the material while making education fun.” Dr. Matveyenko’s nominators recognized her for her passion, and enthusiasm and for making Anatomy and Physiology fun. Students appreciated the level of engagement, her expertise in the field, and her genuine care for students.

As a full-time faculty member, Dr. Hill will have her extensive portfolio forwarded to the Minnesota State Board of Trustees as a finalist for the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence and will be honored along with colleagues from across the state at a system-wide celebration in April of 2024.